The Tundra Story

Tundra Global Sourcing Inc. was incorporated in 1982 it has its headquarter in  Toronto, offices in Shanghai and Ningbo China, while also working with associate offices in Los Angeles, California. Tundra Global is a multi-faceted company that:


Designs products

Procures products

Distributes product lines

Creates innovative products

Oversees manufacturing

Buys and sells opportunities.


Tundra Global provides a full range of services to its customers, including large retail chains in North America, to ensure leading edge products and product lines are sourced, properly priced by negotiations, manufactured to perfection and that the quality is up to standard while budgets are being maintained. The "Tundra" trademark is globally recognized and synonymous with quality and innovative products.

Tundra Global Sourcing inc. ensures that all its factories are audited by reputable third party inspection companies and pass all required social, environmental, and security audits. Tundra Global sourcing routinely has its products laboratory tested by internationally acclaimed forensic engineers.

Tundra Global Sourcing’s world-wide connections unique position it to respond quickly and effectively to opportunity and effectively to opportunity buys. Tundra Global facilitates the placement of excess inventory, ends of lines , end of season goods and cancelled orders within and outside of North America. Tundra Global’s involvement in opportunity buys is not restricted to product within its own sourcing categories. Tundra Global is regularly involved in the movement of all types of consumer goods from clothing to toys and electronics to cosmetics.


Howard Liss, who has a strong entrepreneurial vision, founded Tundra Global Sourcing over 35 years ago. As owner and president, Howard leads his team with his extensive manufacturing and design knowledge as well as almost 4 decades of sourcing, manufacturing and sales all over North America and in foreign markets.


Howard started sourcing and manufacturing outdoor products and camping gear in 1980. He sold these products, which included “TUNDRA” branded outdoor gear, throughout Canada and the United States for decades. His strong design and sourcing background has since lead to many major retailers and importers using his services to create their own private brands and collections. He also has become a “go to” person to help facilitate the buying and selling of  opportunities from his factory partners, customers and from other business connections he draws on from his extensive network.   


Howard's breadth of experience and wide ranging connections in the Asian, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern markets allow him to be an innovative, cost effective sourcing provider all while maintaining his reputation for honesty and integrity. 

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