Tundra Sourcing

Hi, Welcome to Tundra's Sourcing page. This page is for large size orders and made to order manufactured products. If you would like us to make you a specific product made for your business please send us a message below. Here is some information regarding large size orders and made to order manufactured products:
  • If you want a specific product made please tell us about it in your message below.
  • We can source or have specifically made to order goods based on your project.
  • Large orders is any order of 1,200 pieces or more of a specific print.  
  • For orders under 1,200 please visit are products page or reach out to us.
  • Large orders have unique pricing, which will be made available once you reach out to us and discuss your project.
  • If you want to include a logo, artwork or certain specifications for your bottle, please contact us directly so we can put as much care and accuracy into your project as possible.
  • Some orders over 1,200 units might be transported via truck. These orders will be delivered on pallets. Please make sure that your location is designed for a pallet delivery via truck before placing a large order.
  • If you want to sell Tundra Products please contact Howard@tundraglobal.com
  • No returns or refunds accepted on paid for goods.
Please Contact us Below for Next Steps.